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Titre du périodique The Galpin Society Journal
Sous-titre du périodique deest
Site de l'éditeur http://www.galpinsociety.org
ISSN 0072.0127
Parution Annuel
Année 2017
Mois March
Numéro LXX
Table des matières Lance Whitehead Editorial. 2
Robert Adelson ‘A Museum of its own’:
The Musical Instrument Collection of Antonio Gautier (1825-1904) in Nice. 5
Patrizio Barbieri
Harps Versus Pianos: Parisian querelles on Tuning 1770-1830. 45
Rachael Durking The Dancing-Master's Toolkit: a Summary of the Pochette of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries and its Role in Society. 65
Nicholas Sackman
The Stradivari Chant du Cygne Violin: a Question of Labelling. 81
Daniel Wheeldon Makers of the Pianoforte Guittar in London, 1780-1789. 97
Carolien Hulsof The Ruudga:
Fiddling and Ambivalence among the Mossi in Burkina Faso. 117
Margaret Kartomi 'Malays Will Never Be Lost from the Earth':
Organology, Ergology, and Survival of the Pestle-and-Mortar Instrument in Indonesia's Natuna Regency. 125
Albert R. Rice Small Clarinets: History, Instruments, and Music. 135
Núria Bonet The Development of the Tenora. 169
Lance Whitehead
The House Bands of the Marquises of Breadalbane cl804-60. 179

Colour Section. 224

Notes & Queries
Douglas MacMillan & Isobel Clarke
Duct flutes in the Charles van Raalte Collection at Dean Castle. 233

Peter Mole Andrea Beue (1928-2016). 236
Michael T. Wright Maurice Byrne (1940-2016). 238
Susan E. Thompson Friedrich von Heune (1929-2016). 241
Martin Renshaw Peter Fredric Williams (1937-2016). 243

Abstracts. 246
Author Profiles. 250
Guidance for Authors. 253
Advertisements. 259

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