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Titre du périodique The Tracker
Sous-titre du périodique Journal of the Organ Historical Society
Site de l'éditeur http://www.organsociety.org/
ISSN 0041-0330
Parution Trimestriel
Année 2015
Mois Fall
Numéro 59/4
Table des matières Christopher Marks From the Chair. 5
James Weaver From the CEO. 9
Orpha Ochse Letter to the Editor. 10
Bynum Petty Reflections on the 6th Annual Convention of the OHS. 14
Organ Factory Gutted by Fire (Nassau Daily Review_Star, 1944). 19
Michael D. Friesen Orpha Ochse:
The History of the Organ in the United States. A review at 40 Years. 20
Lynwood Farnam on American Organs, edited by Marcus St. Julien. 22
John R. Shannon The 1898 Hook & Hastings Organ of Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church, Winston Salem, North Carolina. 24

News. 26
Bynum Petty Archives Corner: Wirsching Revisited. 28
Scot L. Huntington In The Tracker. 50 Years Ago. 30
Articles of Interest from Organ and Other Journals around the World. 32
CD Reviews. 34
Index to The Tracker, Volume 59 (2015). 35
Minutes. 36
Obituary. Gregory R. Keefe. 39
Rollin Smith EndNotes. Historic Organs and Organists of Philadelphia. 40
OHS Press. 42
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