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Titre Historical Performance Practice in Organ Playing. an Introduction based on selected Organ Works of the 16th-18th Centuries
Auteur(s) Laukvik, Jon
Éditeur Carus
Année d'édition 1996
ISBN 3-923053-49-5
Site de l'éditeur http://www.carus-verlag.com
Nombre de pages 318
Illustrations 459 exemples musicaux, 1 photo NB, 7 fac similés de musique, 1 schéma, 1 document NB
Type d'ouvrage Livre
Langue de l'ouvrage GB
Date de réception au M'O 23/08/2011
Table des matières Foreword. 9
Bibliography I (Source index, primary and secondary literature). 15
Editorial method. 18

A. Technical and musical rudiments

I. Elementary playing techniques - initial musical considerations
I.1. Technical requirements: a guide. 19
I.2. Touch - tone production. 23
I.3. Articulation. 28
I.4. Early fingering - Articulation course I. 35
I.5. Pedal technique. 49
I.6. The grammatical accent - late baroque fingering: Articulation course II. 57

II. General musical considerations

II.1. Metre and tempo. 77
II.2. Agogics. 86
II.3. Punctuation. 92
II.4. Ornaments and other signs in the musical score. 94
II.5. The question of temperament (tuning). 102

III. Practice. 102

B. Stylistic variations in interpretation

I. Music of the early and high baroque period
I.1. Italy. 113
I.2. Netherlands - North Germany. 131
I.3. France. 159
I.4. South and Central Germany. 196
I.5. Spain - Portugal. 207
I.6. England. 216

II. J. S. Bach and the late baroque period in Germany

II.1. Stylistic aspects. 220
II.2. The source situation. 222
II.3. The instrument. 223
II.4. Registration. 225 II.5. Ornamentation. 229
II.6. The slur - the staccato dot. 248
II.7. Further refinements of articulation in late baroque music. 256
II.8. Further playing conventions. 261
II.9. Late baroque punctuation. 265
II.10. Questions of tempo. 270
II.11. Other late baroque composers. 271

III. The classical period

III.1. Change of style - the empfindsamer Stil. 273
III.2. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. 274
III.3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 283
III.4. Other noteworthy composers. 289

Epilogue. 290
Bibliography II (music in selected editions). 292
Commentary. 306
Index. 311

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