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Titre The Haarlem Essays Celebrating fifty International Organ Festivals
Auteur(s) Paul Peeters, editor
Éditeur Butz
Année d'édition 2014
ISBN 978-3-928412-15-5
Site de l'éditeur http://www.butz-verlag.de
Nombre de pages 480
Illustrations 24 photos C, 52 NB, 10 documents couleurs, 17 NB, 33 exemples musicaux + 105 thèmes d'improvisations, 1 schéma, 8 pages de publicité C
Type d'ouvrage Ouvrage collectif
Langue de l'ouvrage GB
Date de réception au M'O 14/07/2014
Table des matières Contents. 5

Hans Koenders Preambulum. 11
Hans Haselböck Preface. 13
Paul Peeters Introduction. 15
Explanatory Notes and Abbreviations. 17
CD: The Haarlem Improvisation Competition: a selection of winning improvisations. 19

Part One
The Haarlem International Organ Festival: its roots and fruits

Hugo Bakker and Hans Fidom
The Improvisation Competition: innovation and development. 23
Peter Planyavsky Haarlem, Vienna and the French Connection:
the diverse art of improvisation. 45
Peter Ouwerkerk
The summer Academy: the emergence of a worldwide Mecca. 57

The Haarlem Organs
Paul Peeters The Müller Organ: one-upmanship in the Dutch organ scene. 83
Wim S. Ros The Organ Cases of St Bavo's. 101
Frits Elshout and Stephen Taylor
Who Created the Present Organ in St Bavo's. 129
René Verwer Little Paris: a Cavaillé-Coll organ in Haarlem. 139
Bart van Buitenen Four Haarlem Organs. 151
Jan Hage The Haarlem Improvisation Competition: the themes revisited. 173
Leo Samama Making Way for Contemporary Composition: modern organ music in the Haarlem festival. 187

Intermezzo: dramatis personae
Interviews, portraits, thoughts and impressions
Anders Bondeman, Hans Haselböck, Els Hendrikse, André Isoir, Jan Jongepier, Piet Kee and Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini. 207
Joke Dame Impressions of the 2010 and 2012 Festivals. 231
Jos de Klerk
The Task of the Stop Puller: an interview with Henk Lasschuit (1963). 239
Peter Planyavsky
The Haarlem Competition 2012: notes and notions on the finale. 243
Jos van der Kooy
The Müller Organ: a personal view from the Stadsorganist. 247
Zsigmond Szathmáry On freedom and Control. 253
Hall of Fame: the five threefold winners of the improvisation competition. 265

Part Two
The Organist: essays on repertoire and improvisation

Jean-Claude Zehnder Treasured by the Angels: organ music from William Byrd to Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. 269
Christoph Wolff
The Organ at the Centre: critical stages in Bach's musical life. 281
Joris Verdin french Organ Music of the Nineteenth Century: the romantic and the symphonic, with Catholicism to taste. 291
Roman Summereder
From Reger - via Hindemith, Messiaen and Ligeti - to the Present. 313
Jan Raas Real-time Composition: thoughts on the true nature of improvisation. 335
Hans Fidom Improvisation: the emancipation of an ancient musical skill. 351
Ton Koopman A very necessary and useful science: thoughts on basso continuo playing in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. 365
Marie-Claire Alain The Practicability of the Contemporary Organ (1959). 383
Anton Heiller The Improviser and Organ Building (1953). 387

The Themes of the Improvisation Competitions 1951-2012. 395
The Competitors and Juries 1951-2012. 429
The Authors. 445
List of Illustrations. 449
Index. 455
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